Tue. May 21st, 2024

The Glasgow Gurdwara issued a statement condemning the incident where an Indian envoy was denied entry by Khalistani extremists. They expressed their disapproval of the disorderly behavior and emphasized that the Gurdwara is open to people from all backgrounds. The Gurdwara mentioned that the visit of the Indian High Commissioner, facilitated by a member of Scottish Parliament, was disrupted by unknown individuals from outside the Glasgow area. As a result, the visiting party decided to leave the premises. The Gurdwara strongly condemned the unruly behavior and expressed their commitment to maintaining peaceful proceedings in a Sikh place of worship.

The statement further mentioned that even after the Indian envoy had left, the unruly individuals continued to disturb the congregation. The incident, captured in a viral video, showed a man preventing the Indian High Commissioner from entering the Gurdwara, while two other men attempted to open the door of the High Commissioner’s car. The car eventually left the premises.

India has raised this disgraceful incident with the UK government, and Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Junior UK Foreign Minister, expressed her concern about the incident and emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and security of foreign diplomats. She also highlighted the need for places of worship in the UK to be open to all.

This incident occurs amidst a diplomatic conflict between India and Canada, which was sparked by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s accusation of “Indian government agents” being involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

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