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Taylor Swift is on the top of the world as far as her fame is concerned. But she didn’t get there alone, there have been numerous people behind the scenes who have contributed to the immense success that Swift has earned.

None ranks higher than Tree Paine when we talk about the support system that Swift has. The maverick publicist has orchestrated Taylor Swift’s rise to exponential stardom and has even guided her through some of her biggest controversies and setbacks.

Who is Tree Paine?

Any big celebrity or sports personality needs the best PR in the world. Someone who can guide them through various difficulties and make sure that their image stays clean in the media. For someone like Taylor Swift, who has a loyal fan base as well as a great many detractors, it becomes doubly important to have good PR.

Tree Paine is someone who is just a master of this craft. She began her career at Interscope records during the 1990s when Mariah Carey was the biggest pop-star on the planet. During her time there she worked with iconic clients such as Nine inch nails and No Doubt. She soon left the firm and launched her own agency.

Some time later she was serving as the vice-president at Warner Music. She met Taylor Swift in 2007, when she had released her hit song Love Story. The duo hit it off quite well and grew closer.

Soon, Paine left her job at Warner Music to start her own firm, Premium PR. The PR legend guided her through some of her biggest controversies including that of Kanye West and Scooter Braun public feud, making her the biggest celebrity on the planet today.

Tree Paine’s status among Swifties

Although Tree Paine mostly works behind the scenes for Taylor’s success, her appearance in Netflix’s Miss Americana documentary on Taylor Swift made her famous among her fans as well.

She has gained a cult following among the Swifties who regard her as a big reason for Taylor’s success. Even though the maverick PR is quite private about her own life, her tumblr and twitter are obsessively followed by Swift fans for any updates about their favorite star.

With Taylor Swift’s immense success today as a musician and celebrity, the contributions of Tree Paine must be lauded and acknowledged. This partnership can be termed as one of the best ones in pop-culture today.

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