Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Hamas attack in Israeli towns near the Gaza strip continues to reveal horrifying stories. Today, Hananya Naftali and his wife India Naftali, Israeli journalists, shared on social media the account of a man whose sister, a paramedic at a kibbutz in the area, was shot while on a phone call with him.

The Naftalis’ posts do not identify the man but describe the harrowing six-hour wait for help that the kibbutz experienced, which ultimately proved to be in vain.

Be’eri, a kibbutz located on the northwestern part of the Negev desert near the Gaza strip, was established in 1946 as part of a strategic plan to help the future state survive an invasion from Egypt. Over time, it became well-known for its paper printing factory. However, after the Hamas attack on Saturday, Be’eri made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Early on Saturday, Hamas militants flooded the kibbutz as part of an unprecedented raid across at least three cities and multiple villages, including Ofakim, Sderot, and Netivot.

According to the Times of Israel, an undisclosed number of kibbutz members were killed, and several were believed to have been abducted and taken to the Gaza Strip.

The Naftalis’ posts provide a personal account of the tragedy through the eyes of the brother of Amit, a 22-year-old paramedic. The posts reveal that Amit waited for six hours for help while hiding in the kitchen with a knife, listening to the war, explosions, and shootings happening nearby.

The heartbreaking post states, “It’s been six hours, and we ask, where is the army? Where is the rescue?” Then, Amit sends a message saying, “They are here, they are in the clinic, I don’t think I will get out of this, I love you.” The brother attempts a desperate phone call, but Amit answers, screaming that she was shot in the legs and that everyone else in the clinic was murdered. The call ends abruptly with gunshots.

The post concludes by saying that they are praying and waiting for a miracle.

The ongoing conflict, including the massive ground, air, and sea offensive, has resulted in the loss of approximately 100 lives in Israel and Palestine. Reports indicate that 600 Israelis have been killed and 1,000 wounded. Gaza officials report intense Israeli airstrikes causing at least 400 Palestinian deaths and around 1,700 injuries.

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