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Ever wondered about the amazing woman who stole Hunter Fieri’s heart? That’s Tara Bernstein! She’s not just Hunter’s love; she’s also the pickleball pro who’s about to become part of the famous Fieri family. Let’s take a friendly stroll through Tara’s life and career, from how she won Hunter’s heart to becoming the future Mrs. Fieri. It’s a story filled with love, family, and a dash of pickleball magic.

Pickleball Pro is a perfect fit for the Fieri clan

Tara Bernstein is a skilled pickleball pro who entered the spotlight not just for her prowess on the court but also for capturing Hunter Fieri’s heart. The couple began their journey in February, and their love story blossomed on Instagram, where Hunter shared heartfelt moments of their adventures together.

Guy Fieri, the iconic Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host, couldn’t be happier for his son. In June, during an interview with PEOPLE he expressed his joy, stating that Tara possesses “good values” and is an exceptional person. According to Guy, this relationship is a big deal, and seeing Hunter happy with a partner as driven as him is simply perfect.

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Beyond her role as Hunter Fieri’s fiancée, Tara’s life and career are noteworthy. As a dedicated pickleball pro, she brings her energy, drive, and positive light not just to the court but also into the Fieri family dynamics. With Guy dubbing her a “pickleball machine,” it’s clear that Tara fits right in, even in the midst of some friendly family competition.

From courtship to a proposal

A love story took a momentous turn during the Fieri family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Hunter proposed to Tara, and the picturesque pondside engagement was nothing short of magical. Tara joyfully accepted, and the couple announced their engagement on Instagram, ushering in a new chapter of their journey as Mr. and Mrs. Fieri.

Guy Fieri, known for his culinary adventures and a big heart, welcomed Tara with open arms. In a heartwarming Instagram post, Guy congratulated the couple, affirming that they are made for each other. Tara seamlessly became part of the tight-knit Fieri family, as evident in the family photos shared during their Thanksgiving celebration.

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