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Since the grand reveal of Bobby Deol’s character in the upcoming film Animal, the internet has practically erupted with excitement. It’s fascinating how, in both the teaser and trailer, Bobby manages to command attention without uttering a single word. His expressions and physique are nothing short of a showstopper—picture this, a blend of muscular prowess, a touch of menace, and a generous sprinkle of sheer enormity. The kind of body that could give those spry 25-year-olds a serious run for their money!

In a world where Bobby Deol, once the heartthrob from Barsaat, transforms into a formidable antagonist alongside Ranbir Kapoor, fans and fitness aficionados can’t help but wonder: What’s the secret recipe behind his jaw-dropping metamorphosis? In this article, we’re decoding it all— from the sweat-inducing workouts to the carefully curated diets, and every intriguing detail that contributed to his remarkable journey. Get ready to uncover the mysteries behind Bobby Deol’s stunning transformation from lover boy to the powerhouse in Animal.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga desired Bobby Deol to appear broader than Ranbir Kapoor in Animal



In a recent interview with India Today, Deol’s trailer Prajwal Shetty spilled the beans on the behind-the-scenes magic of transforming Bobby’s physique for the film. According to Shetty, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga had a specific vision – Bobby had to appear broader and more imposing than Ranbir Kapoor in the movie. The emphasis was on enhancing Bobby’s muscularity and overall size, with a particular focus on broadening his chest. This directive was pivotal, especially given the scenes where Bobby’s character shares the screen with Ranbir.

Prajwal played a crucial role in bringing Vanga’s vision to life. He meticulously crafted a specialized workout regime and diet plan that worked wonders, ensuring the Race 3 actor not only met but surpassed the expectations set by the director. The result? A physically commanding Bobby ready to make a lasting impression in every frame alongside the Tamasha actor.

Bobby Deol did two 40-minute high-intensity cardio sessions daily



Prajwal shared that Bobby managed to slash his body fat percentage down to an impressive 12%, shedding light on the intense physical training he underwent. The actor’s weight became a bit of a rollercoaster, ranging between 85 and 90, and a significant chunk of the credit is attributed to the daily one-hour weight training sessions. The actor’s commitment didn’t stop there; he also engaged in 40-minute high-intensity cardio sessions, both in the morning and evening. These numbers and routines vividly illustrate the dedication and rigorous effort Bobby invested in sculpting his physique for the role, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of on-screen perfection.



In achieving his remarkable physique for the role, Bobby Deol incorporated not only cardio and weight training but also emphasized the importance of functional training. Despite his muscular build, functional training played a crucial role in enhancing his flexibility and coordination. This comprehensive approach not only sculpted his body but also added a dynamic quality to his on-screen movements, contributing to an overall transformation that goes beyond mere physical appearance.

Bobby Deol followed a tailored diet plan for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner

The goal was clear: increase Bobby’s muscle mass gradually. His diet plan, spanning four months, incorporated a balanced mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Mornings started with eggs, followed by oatmeal for carbs and chicken with rice for lunch. Evenings featured salads, while dinners typically included chicken or fish.

Despite being a Punjabi, known for their love of hearty meals, what’s intriguing is that Bobby isn’t particularly enthusiastic about food. However, he seamlessly adhered to the stringent diet plan crafted by Prajwal Shetty, showcasing his commitment to the physical transformation demanded by his role.



Bobby Deol abstained from sweets for four months

Despite having a sweet tooth, Bobby demonstrated remarkable discipline by abstaining from sweets throughout these months. Recently, he indulged in a dessert of his choice, savoring it with extra butter and honey—a well-deserved treat after months of dedicated dietary restraint.



Bobby Deol’s awe-inspiring physique at the age of 54 has left us all enamored. His dedication is a testament to the fact that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing fitness goals. To the younger generation: feeling motivated to achieve a similar feat?

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