Sat. May 18th, 2024

A Tennessee fourth-grade teacher accused of raping a 12-year-old student has been rearrested for stalking and harassing the victim, according to the Covington Police Department. Alissa McCommon, 38, was arrested at her home and charged with new criminal charges, including coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, and harassment. McCommon, a former teacher at Charger Academy, had previously been arrested on September 8 for the rape charges. She pleaded not guilty to the initial charges.

The Covington Police Department stated on Facebook that they received information on September 26, 2023, that McCommon was using a new phone number to contact the victim. The evidence showed that McCommon texted the victim using a code word previously known to the juvenile, which indicated that the victim was alone and proceeded to send nude photographs on Snapchat. McCommon also admitted to a sexual encounter with the victim.

Covington Police Chief Donna Turner expressed concern over McCommon’s actions and potential violation of her bond conditions. The police are working closely with the District Attorney’s Office to revoke McCommon’s bond and to pursue additional charges as the investigation continues. McCommon is currently being held without bond at Tipton County Jail and will appear in Tipton County General Sessions Court.

The allegations against McCommon came to light when a parent reported them, leading to an investigation by the Covington Police. Multiple juveniles have come forward, stating that they were befriended by McCommon and engaged in inappropriate communication, including sending explicit photographs and soliciting sexual relations. McCommon has admitted to engaging in inappropriate communication with former students.

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