Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

BJP MP Varun Gandhi has expressed his disappointment over the swift suspension of the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital’s license in Amethi. In a letter to Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, Gandhi stated that the suspension without a thorough investigation is unjust towards the individuals who rely on the hospital for healthcare services and their livelihoods.

Gandhi emphasized the importance of fairness and impartiality in such matters and urged the minister to reconsider his decision. While accountability is crucial, Gandhi advocated for a transparent inquiry that addresses immediate concerns and identifies and rectifies any systemic issues that may have contributed to the alleged medical negligence incident.

The Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, established in 1982 by former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi, has been a vital healthcare pillar for the people of Amethi and neighboring districts for several decades. Gandhi warned that suspending its license would have far-reaching implications for healthcare access, employment, and education in the region.

Highlighting the hospital’s role as a significant employer with dedicated staff members and thousands of others dependent on its continuous operation, Gandhi stressed the importance of providing the institution an opportunity to explain its position. He argued that the decision should be approached with proportionality and fairness to avoid negatively impacting healthcare access, livelihoods, and educational continuity.

Gandhi also shared a video report of a protest demonstration by the hospital staff, stating that their suffering can only be addressed through the “vision of humanity” rather than the “arrogance of the system.”

Suggesting that resentment towards the “Gandhi” name in the hospital could be the motive behind the action, Gandhi warned against letting such resentment spoil the work that benefits lakhs of people. He noted that Sanjay Gandhi Hospital is run by the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Trust, with Sonia Gandhi as the chairperson and Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi as trust members.

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