Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

A viral picture of an autorickshaw with a quirky message is gaining attention on the Internet. Posted by Samar Halarnkar on X, the picture shows an auto with the words, “Love is like a walk in the park,” with the driver adding “Jurassic Park” in red letters. The post captioned, “Indeed, Bangalore auto drivers and their philosophies,” has garnered nearly 79,000 views on X. While the authenticity of the photo cannot be verified by NDTV, it has sparked a plethora of comments, with users sharing pictures of autorickshaws with creative wordplay. One user suggested that Bengaluru auto slogans deserve their own exhibition, while another commented on the voice of the proletariat. The post also received a playful comment joking about love being Jurassic Park. This is not the first time Bengaluru has been in the spotlight for unique photos, as earlier a picture circulated showing someone working on a laptop inside a cinema hall, claiming it was taken on the first day of a Shah Rukh Khan film. Additionally, a photo of a woman riding pillion on a scooter and working on a laptop also gained viral attention in May, sparking a discussion on workplace expectations and toxicity.

By admin