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A shocking video of a man brutally assaulting a woman near a salon in a posh Ahmedabad neighbourhood has led the police to register a case of sexual harassment and causing hurt.

Police have contacted the woman, who is from the Northeast, and filed the case against the man based on her statement.

The woman has informed the police that she and Mohsin, the man seen assaulting her, were business partners operating a women’s salon in Ahmedabad’s Sindhubhavan neighbourhood.

The viral video captures the man approaching the woman and striking her across the face. Despite her attempts to push him away, he continues to hit her. The video shows them arguing as the man menacingly approaches the woman. Another individual in the video can be seen trying to intervene and stop Mohsin as he forcefully drags the woman by her hand. However, he persists and proceeds to pull her hair, repeatedly striking her face.

In a recorded statement, the woman explained that the incident occurred on Monday. “We had incurred a loss of around Rs 4,000- Rs 5,000. So, I scolded a female staff member. He (Mohsin) became angry and questioned why I scolded her. I asked if he had a relationship with the girl, which was why he was defending her. That’s when he started hitting me. Despite my pleas for him to stop and have a calm conversation, he persisted,” she narrated.

“I tried calling the police on the 100 helpline, but he snatched my phone. Since the battery was low, it eventually ran out of charge. Then I ran and somehow managed to escape,” the woman added.

In her statement, the woman mentioned that Mohsin later apologized to her. “He apologized, and I forgave him, so I didn’t initially report the incident to the police. The police only became aware after the video went viral. I didn’t want to file a complaint or see him face consequences. However, the police and others explained to me that this shouldn’t happen to anyone else, given that it happened to me. Everyone supported me, so I decided to file a complaint,” she explained.

“I am grateful to those who have supported me. As someone from the Northeast, I am glad that the police and the media have stood by me. Thank you all so much,” the woman expressed.

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