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SitRep Hello again! We are back for another edition of SitRep, and we’ve got a lot to cover. Let’s dive in! To begin with, we want to give a big thumbs up to the United States for reaching a passport usage rate of 48 percent, which is a huge increase from the mere 5 percent in 1990. We rely on word of mouth to spread the word about SitRep, so if you find our newsletter valuable, please spread the word to others who might be interested. For new readers, you can sign up here. Alright, let’s talk about what’s in the news for today. We’ve got four days in 2023 that have caused seismic shifts in the world, five personnel choices for 2023 that have impacted Washington, and a British defense secretary who has gained quite a bit of attention. October 7th was a monumental day. A surprise attack by Hamas led to a bloody conflict in the Middle East, prompting Israel to launch a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip that has displaced 1.8 million people. Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces in early June has also had a major impact on the global stage. Russia’s ring of fortifications along the front line has hindered the Ukrainian advance, prompting concerns about what the future holds for Ukraine. On February 4th, tensions between the United States and China rose as a Chinese spy balloon was shot down by American fighter jets. And on July 26th, a series of coups across Africa signified a shift in the political landscape of the region. The events of these four days have reshaped the world as we know it, and we’ll continue to watch as new developments emerge. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news.

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