Sat. May 18th, 2024

Six soldiers are among the 19 casualties in the Sikkim flash floods, with sources confirming this information. Additionally, more than 100 people, including 16 soldiers, are currently missing, and around 3,000 tourists are stranded. Evacuation efforts have led to the rescue of over 2,500 individuals, who have either been moved to relief camps or safer locations. The situation remains critical, and here is a concise overview of the key details:

1. The state government has issued an advisory urging tourists to avoid visiting Sikkim at the moment due to the ongoing flood situation. The advisory also highlights the potential danger of explosives and ammunition being washed away from an army camp.

2. The Power Ministry has announced plans to conduct a detailed assessment of the damage caused to hydropower projects in Sikkim once the floodwaters recede.

3. NHPC, the state-owned hydropower company, is taking all necessary measures to restore the operation of the hydropower projects as soon as possible. The ministry assures continuous monitoring of the situation resulting from the flash floods in the Teesta basin.

4. Flash floods in the Teesta basin on the nights of October 3 and 4 have resulted in the submergence or destruction of all bridges downstream to the Teesta-V hydropower station, including those in Tarkhola and Pamphok.

5. The hydropower station is currently shut down and unable to generate electricity. NHPC promptly evacuated its personnel from all projects, ensuring their safety.

6. The state administration has assured those stranded in the flood-hit Mangan district that an evacuation process will commence from Friday. They urge people not to panic and remain calm.

7. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams are prepared in North Sikkim to assist with the evacuation of local residents.

8. Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang visited Singtam, one of the worst affected areas, to assess the situation. He called for unity and cooperation among all organizations and individuals in addressing the immediate challenges posed by this calamity.

9. The flash floods have led to the destruction of 11 bridges throughout the state. Mangan district alone has lost eight bridges, while Namchi and Gangtok each lost two and one bridge, respectively. Moreover, 277 houses, both kuchcha (made of natural materials) and concrete, along with water pipelines and sewage lines, have been destroyed in four districts.

10. The flash flood in the Teesta river was triggered by a cloudburst in Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim. The massive volume of water accumulated and caused significant damage to the Chungthang dam and subsequent power infrastructure. The floodwaters then flowed downstream, engulfing towns and villages in its path.

The situation continues to develop, and authorities are working tirelessly to manage the aftermath of the disaster.

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