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Actor Nana Patekar has entertained the audience with several films including the 2007’s comedy film Welcome. As he gears up for his next venture Journey, a video has begun doing rounds on the internet, where he can be seen slapping a fan at the back of his head as he attempts to interrupt his shoot and take a selfie with him. Read on to know how the internet reacted to Patekar’s viral video.

Nana Patekar slaps boy taking selfie with him during his shoot for Journey in Varanasi

As the veteran actor is gearing up for his next project Journey, the shooting of which has been taking place in Varanasi, Nana Patekar was recently seen slapping a young boy at the back of his head when he interrupted his shoot to take a picture with him.

After the boy approached Patekar for the selfie while he was busy in the shoot, the actor slapped him on the back of his head. Furthermore, a crew member standing next to him can also be seen taking the boy away from him.

Watch the viral video right here.

Here’s how internet reacted to Nana Patekar’s video

After the video began doing rounds on the internet, a heap of reactions on the internet began pouring in with one saying, “Pahle puchna pdta he agar agree ho to hi photo le…. Nhi to…… (First take permission. If they agree, then click the photo)” and another exclaiming, “Outrageous behaviour!”

Another reaction by a netizen read, “Looks like an ad/ shoot to me.”

Utkarsh Sharma’s take on Journey

Nana Patekar’s upcoming project also stars Gadar 2 fame’s Utkarsh Sharma. Helmed by Anil Sharma, the filming of the movie is underway in the holy city of Varanasi. Earlier, an elated Utkarsh had discussed the project at length and expressed his ‘thrill’ on the commencement of his ‘new journey’.

In a statement, Sharma had revealed how the film’s story will resonate with every Indian and expressed confidence that the film will do well.

“The story is not just close to my heart but also resonates with the essence of every Indian. I’m confident that they will enjoy this beautiful journey, and as we embark on this adventure today, I humbly seek their blessings and love. That’s all I could ask for. We are setting off on our journey, and I hope the audience joins us on this exciting ride,” he said earlier.

He also talked about the film’s shooting location being Varanasi and said that it is a place boxed with spiritual significance and the atmosphere enveloping the city is ‘incredibly positive’. He went on to add that nothing will go wrong as the stars are carrying the city’s divine energy with them.

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