Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Afghanistan embassy in India has announced that it will suspend its operations from today, citing “lack of support” from the Indian government, inability to meet expectations, and shortage of staff and resources. The embassy stated that this was a difficult decision considering the long-standing ties and friendship between Afghanistan and India. The embassy accused the Indian government of failing to provide essential support, which prevented them from carrying out their duties effectively. They also mentioned that unforeseen circumstances have significantly reduced their personnel and resources, making it difficult to continue operating. The embassy acknowledged that there may be some who receive support and instructions from the Taliban regime in Kabul that may differ from their current approach. India has not yet recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan and has demanded the formation of an inclusive government to prevent terrorist activities. The Afghan embassy in Delhi experienced a power struggle in April-May 2023, but they maintain that their leadership has not changed.

By admin