Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

A baby with congenital heart disease faced life-threatening breathing issues on a Ranchi-Delhi flight. Fortunately, two doctors on board, Dr Nitin Kulkarni and a doctor from Ranchi Sadar Hospital, came to the rescue. Using an adult mask for oxygen supply and other emergency medical assistance, they managed to stabilize the baby’s condition. After landing, a medical team took over and provided further oxygen support. The baby’s parents were taking him to AIIMS, Delhi for treatment of his heart condition. During the flight, the air crew made an emergency announcement for medical assistance, to which Dr Kulkarni and Dr Mozammil Pheroz responded. The baby, suffering from patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), received the necessary injections and oxygen, and his progress was closely monitored. The doctors praised the cabin crew for their support and requested priority landing and medical assistance upon arrival. The flight landed successfully, and the medical team continued to provide oxygen support. The incident received appreciation from fellow passengers, with one praising Dr Nitin Kulkarni for his role in saving the baby’s life.

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