Tue. May 21st, 2024

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, a British-Israeli woman recalled her harrowing escape from a Hamas attack in Yated, Israel. She and her family had to navigate open fields and pass army forces while a gun battle raged. Yated is now classified as a closed military zone, with many people reported missing or presumed dead.

Debby Shharon, a British national with four children, sought shelter in their family’s safe house when gunfire erupted in their town, located about 2.5 miles from the Gaza border. They huddled together in a small room for 36 hours, unaware of the situation outside. They had no electricity and their phone batteries were dying.

During those hours, Ms. Sharon said she understood the mentality her English mother instilled in her, having grown up during World War II. The situation seemed apocalyptic, and people were running in panic.

“I could see all those stories my mother told me playing out,” Ms. Sharon said. She tried to keep the children calm and prevent them from leaving the safe room, which was designed to protect against rockets but not terrorists.

Although Ms. Sharon has lived in Israel since the age of five, she had never experienced this level of conflict. She described feeling sick and having thoughts of the possible consequences of a rocket falling on them.

After finally receiving radio reception and learning the true extent of the war, Ms. Sharon admitted to being traumatized. Her son is still serving as an Israeli soldier and clearing out the area from the aftermath of the attack.

Eshkol, the region where their town is located, has been heavily affected by bombings and rocket attacks from Hamas. Despite the devastation, Ms. Sharon stated that leaving is not an option for their family. They will rebuild and work through the trauma together, learning how to trust and sleep again.

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