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Cillian Murphy is one of the best actors working in Hollywood today. He has proved it time and again for over 20 years now, but his performance in Oppenheimer as the titular character turned out to be the crowning jewel of his career.

Over the years, he has performed admirably in many roles across films and television which has allowed him to amass a considerable fortune.

What is Cillian Murphy’s net-worth in 2023?

Cillian Murphy is considered as the front-runner for this year’s Oscar award for best actor. Such has been his performance in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster hit, Oppenheimer.

This was the first time when he played a lead role in a Nolan movie, after being a regular in his filmography starting way back in Batman Begins in 2005.

The celebrated actor was able to amass a considerable fortune. According to, his net worth stands at a whopping $20 million right now.

His fortune mostly comes from his illustrious acting career, which has given him unbelievable returns over the years. He has also starred in quite a few Independent films in his career including 28 Days Later and even the John Krasinski directed sequel to his hit horror film, A Quiet Place 2.

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Cillian Murphy on actors being overpaid

Despite being an incredibly famous actor with legions of fans and opportunities at his corner, The Inception actor is a pretty humble guy. He stays away from the limelight of Hollywood and lives a quiet life with his wife and children in Ireland.

He has maintained a connection to his roots despite his remarkable success and immense wealth and believes in living a simple life. He has even admitted to thinking that he is overpaid for the work that he does as he believes acting doesn’t merit the kind of immense income it generates.

“It’s nice when you get paid, when you’re young, and you’ve gone from having no money, but the Catholic guilt kicks in immediately, and I’m like, ‘It’s all going to go wrong. You don’t deserve this’. And I don’t.” the actor had told The Guardian in an interview.

Cillian’s talent as an actor is complimented as well as enhanced by his simplicity and humble nature. That’s something which makes him unique in the glittery world of Hollywood.

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