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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s relationship, which sparked in October 2017, has evolved with a blend of privacy and subtle public moments. Their initial sushi date in Los Angeles set the stage, followed by quiet outings in early 2018. Making their first public appearance at Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2018 Collection, the couple opted for a private entrance, showcasing their preference for low-key displays of affection. Johnson officially acknowledged their relationship in a 2018 Tatler interview, and the duo collaborated professionally on Coldplay’s Cry Cry Cry music video in February 2020. While engagement rumors surfaced in December 2020, both remained tight-lipped, preserving the intriguing privacy surrounding their bond.

Who is Dakota Johnson’s boyfriend?

Dakota Johnson and Coldplay’s Chris Martin have maintained a strong relationship for over five years, meeting shortly after Martin’s conscious uncoupling from ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. Initially sparking dating rumors during a Los Angeles sushi date, the pair briefly parted ways before a nudge from Paltrow led to their reunion. Despite early challenges, Johnson and Martin have thrived in their connection, with Johnson later revealing to Vanity Fair that they met through a mutual friend and “never really left each other.”

An eyewitness told US Weekly about their sushi date, “Chris and Dakota walked in together and sat at a table for two tucked away in the corner. They seemed very happy to see each other and immediately jumped into conversation. She was catching him up on work and the different projects she had coming up. She was telling him where she was going to be and asking him what he thought. They both seemed to really respect each other’s opinions. Chris was very charming and personable. His face lit up when he was talking to her. He hummed a little bit and asked her what she thought of a song. She clearly loves his music and was really into it. They were flirty and laughing the entire meal. He paid for dinner and held the door for her. They both thanked the chefs on the way out.”

In 2018, Johnson and Martin were reportedly photographed holding hands and chatting with Drew Barrymore. Also, the Fifty Shades of Grey star’s mother shared her opinion on their relationship to People, “I adore him. But she is very private about her life and I respect that.”

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When did Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin make it public?

In 2018, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s romance blossomed with a series of intimate dates, including dinners at Soho House and serene beach walks in Malibu. The turning point arrived at Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2018 runway show, marking their first public appearance. Choosing a private entrance over a red carpet debut, the couple kept their outing low-key. An outsider told People, “They walked in holding hands and Dakota was not letting go—she was super into the PDA. When Chris let go of her hand, she slipped her arm through his.”

In the same month, Johnson’s father, actor Don Johnson, addressed the swirling relationship rumors in an interview with Digital Spy. Maintaining a light-hearted tone, he quipped, “Yeah, that’s…uh, troubling, isn’t it? No, she’s a big girl; she can handle herself.”

Recently, in a charming moment shared by the Daily Mail, Martin took center stage, serenading Johnson during a performance in Naples. The intimate gesture saw Johnson reciprocating with a blown kiss, providing a rare and endearing glimpse into their relationship.

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