Tue. May 21st, 2024

New Delhi: Delhi has launched its action plan to combat air pollution, as the air quality in the national capital has already deteriorated to the ‘poor’ category. Some areas of Delhi even recorded an Air Quality Index (AQI) above 300, which is classified as ‘severe’. The first phase of the Centre’s graded response action plan (GRAP) to tackle air pollution in Delhi during the winter has been implemented. Vehicles that visibly pollute will now face heavy fines, while trucks not bound for the national capital will be diverted through alternative routes. Construction and demolition projects exceeding 500 sqm will be suspended if they are not registered on the state government’s portal for remote monitoring of dust control measures. Anti-smog guns will also be used at these sites. The use of coal and firewood in tandoors at hotels, restaurants, and open eateries will be completely banned. Stage 1 also includes a prohibition on burning activities at landfill sites. Delhi recorded an AQI of 212, categorized as ‘poor’, in the past 24 hours. Every winter, the national capital grapples with eye-burning smog and hazardous air quality, primarily due to crop residue burning in neighboring states and firecracker emissions during Diwali. Residents are advised to wear masks to protect themselves from pollution, while authorities continue to search for ways to better prepare for the situation. Delhi has already banned the production, storage, sale, and use of firecrackers this Diwali, with violators facing fines and imprisonment for six months.

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