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The last episode was an eye-opener for the team that Senku had been prepping for all this time. ‘Total War’ brought the realization to the table that Moz is a stronger foe than anyone had expected him to be. And now, Senku is persuaded to use his last resort in the all-out war. Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 17 is in line with a release date for the week. Here is what we know about the new outing so far!

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 17: Release date and where to watch
The final release date of the next episode, Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 17 is November 15, 2023. All the episodes of the anime will be found only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. We will be sure to update this section with more intel as they come.

What to expect next: Spoilers from the manga
The next episode of Dr. Stone will be titled ‘Joker.’ As the title suggests, a lot of mayhem can be expected from this week’s outing. Here, the story picks up from Chapter 129 of the manga. Gen, upon seeing Magma, will be relieved upon his arrival. However, he will soon find that this is not a rescue but an attack. As Nikki handles Magma’s impulses, Senku will deceive the crowd into believing that this is a serious attack, by using magical scares.
Moz then approaches, defeating Yo, Kinro, and Nikki. Senku leads non-combatants to a dead-end store room, where he revives Hyoga with Revival Fluid. Hyoga grabs Kinro’s spear, shifting the power balance. It is here that Ibara realizes that Senku can revive statues and is more powerful of a rival than he thinks.
As the fight escalates, Ibara will also notice that Senku cannot revive the Head of Petrification Kingdom. This is where the tables will turn in the outing. The animation of these scenes will be an interesting watch in the upcoming episode.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 17: Previous episode recap
Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 16 was titled ‘Total War.’ In this chapter, we see that Kirisame was ready to throw the Medusa as Moz was still waiting for the moment he could stab them in the back. But Ibara’s plan is exposed when it is revealed that the Medusa was a fake one. On the other side, it is revealed that Magma had stolen a gun only to attack the opponents and come out to be the hero of the raid.
However, his plan was deciphered before he could move on and execute it. We then see that Senku suggests proving Soyuz is the rightful master by retrieving the previous master’s statue. Magma and Gen race to the Perseus, pursued by Senku’s team. However, they find the statue destroyed. In the final scene of the episode, Soyuz recalls the time with his father and decides that he has to rebuild the statue once again. In the final scene, we see that Senku, and Magma, accompanied by the rest of the team, arrive at Perseus at last.
It will be interesting to see what the course of events from this point turn out to be. Stay in touch with this space for more intel on this. Thus, keep coming back to Pinkvilla.
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