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World-renowned English former professional footballer David Beckham recently garnered attention by attending the World Cup 2023 semi-final game between India and New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium. Later in the day, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja hosted a house party in his honor, inviting the who’s who of Bollywood. Celebrities, including Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor, shared pictures of meeting their favorite footballer. Despite the positive responses, a troll left a mean comment on Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s picture with David Beckham, prompting him to clap back.

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor hits back at a troll who left a negative comment on his picture with David Beckham

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor recently posted a picture with football legend David Beckham on X (formerly known as Twitter). In the caption, he mentioned, “Met David Beckham last night… spoke to him about United, of course, and the state of the club… can’t reveal more.” Following the post, a user attempted to troll Harsh by asking, “Usne ye nahi poochha ki tu hai kaun (He didn’t ask, who are you)?” Harsh responded with a fitting reply, stating, “Bhai Woh mere ghar pe aaya…Tu kaun hai (He came to my house. Who are you)?”

A follower of Harsh Varrdhan questioned him, “Bruh, what have you done to people, why are they always like this.” The Mirzya actor responded straightforwardly, stating, “Jealousy/insecurity.” He further explained why he engages with trolls when an internet user remarked, “One of the greatest pleasures of life is seeing two trolls with differential reach having a go at each other. I mean it in a good way. We are all trolls. It mirrors societal conflicts in a less violent manner.” Harsh Varrdhan replied, “The only difference is I never instigate it… I do my own thing, but if someone is logging onto Twitter, going on my page to quote tweet me and simultaneously trying to low blow me (contradictory from them, by the way), I’ll say what I want to them if I’m in the mood.”

When asked about his upcoming projects by a user, the actor said that he is currently involved in the Abhinav Bindra biopic, a project he is also producing. Additionally, he has come across several remarkable scripts that have captured his interest. One script is from a director with whom he has collaborated before, and the others are from directors who have long been on his wish list. He also explained that the output has been gradual due to the unique nature of the films and roles. As evident, these projects deviate from the typical, and in unconventional paths, patience becomes crucial. He cited examples of Bhavesh Joshi Superhero and Thar, emphasizing that these ventures, were born out of patience.
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