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Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz has been elated since welcoming her first child, a baby boy, on August 1 this year. Shortly after his birth, she took to social media to introduce him, revealing his name as Koa Phoenix Dolan. In a recent online interaction with fans, Ileana shared her initial reaction upon learning about her pregnancy and expressed the overwhelming emotions she experiences while holding her little one in her arms.

Ileana D’Cruz opens up about her emotions upon discovering her pregnancy

Engaging in an Instagram Q&A session on November 24th, Ileana D’Cruz was queried by a follower about her initial reaction to pregnancy and how it feels now. Sharing a picture of her pregnancy test strip with two red lines, she conveyed the overwhelming and dreamlike sentiments linked to discovering her pregnancy and the sheer joy of embracing her child. Ileana expressed, “Found out pretty much exactly one year ago that I was pregnant, and it was the most surreal, unbelievably emotional moment. It still feels so surreal holding my little darling boy right now. It feels like a big, cloudy dream.”

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In response to another follower’s question about her emotions when she first saw her baby and whether her mother was with her at that moment, Ileana shared a poignant picture. The photo captured her on a hospital bed with her mother by her side. She conveyed, “My mama has been with me right through the entire process of my pregnancy and delivery and motherhood. I’m honestly so blessed to have her. Nothing really prepares you for the first time you see your baby. It was just so overwhelming and beautiful.”

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