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There has been one celebrity couple recently that has been making headlines constantly and it is none other than the budding romance between the NFL star Travis Kelce and the iconic pop star Taylor Swift. As the Kansas City Chiefs enjoy their bye week, Travis hinted at spontaneous travel plans during a podcast with his brother. The trip plans as shared by the pro-American footballer directed towards his potential plans to unite with his newly found love in South America.

Travis Kelce drops hint for his plans to accompany Taylor Swift on her South America tour

During a lighthearted exchange on the New Heights podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce dropped a hint about his weekend plans. Jason inquired about Travis’s upcoming activities during the bye week, to which the Chiefs star playfully mentioned the possibility of escaping to somewhere sunny. He stated, “I might just say f— it and just go somewhere nice, I don’t know. My skin’s getting real pale so I gotta go somewhere sunny.”
When prodded about the destination, Travis cryptically alluded to it being “closer to the equator”. With Taylor Swift currently embarking on the South American leg of her Eras Tour, it could be a veiled hint at joining his rumored girlfriend for a South American escapade.
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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have a history of visiting each other
This isn’t the first time Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have intertwined their professional and personal lives. The rumors of their relationship began swirling after Travis attended Swift’s show at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Since then, the duo has been unapologetically open about their affection for each other.
Swift, in turn, has attended multiple Chiefs games, notably witnessing their victory against the Chicago Bears. Swift has even hosted a watch party for the Chiefs-Dolphins game on Sunday from her New York City apartment, demonstrating her unwavering support for Kelce, despite the geographical distance.
As the South American leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour kicks off, the anticipation of a potential rendezvous with Travis Kelce grows. Their relationship has transcended the conventional boundaries of privacy, with both stars openly attending to each other openly to express their love and support for each other.
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