Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Hamas’ recent attack on Israel, according to Eyal Hulata, the country’s former national security adviser, is the most severe attack on Jews since the holocaust. Hulata alleges that Hamas deliberately keeps hostages in areas that it knows Israel will bomb. His comments come in response to Hamas’ claim that nine Israeli hostages were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Hulata mentioned that Israel has received significant support from India, which holds great importance for them as a rising global power.

Hulata pointed out that Hamas carried out the worst terror attacks in Israel’s history. The number of casualties, including people being slaughtered in their own homes, bed, or elsewhere, is unprecedented. Hulata firmly believes that Hamas, as a terrorist organization, orchestrated these attacks deliberately.

The former NSA emphasized that the Israeli government’s goal is not retaliation but to remove Hamas from leadership in Gaza, preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.

Hulata criticized Hamas for using human shields, referring to their statement that nine more hostages were killed in Israeli airstrikes. It is alleged that Hamas had snatched approximately 150 people, mostly civilians including babies, the elderly, and disabled individuals, bringing them back to Gaza to act as human shields during Israeli attacks. However, Hulata claims that the Israeli Army does not target civilians and provides advance warning before launching attacks. He finds it distressing and heartrending that Hamas deliberately put hostages in harm’s way for their propaganda purposes, aiming to demoralize the Israeli population.

Hulata demanded that Hamas immediately release all the hostages, emphasizing that this demand should come not only from Israel but from the international community. He expressed concern for the hostages’ wellbeing, as Hamas appears determined to reduce their numbers every day.

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