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One of the greatest cricketers of all time, MS Dhoni, commands the utmost respect from the entire cricketing world. Despite making his debut for India relatively late, Dhoni went on to create a legacy that remains unmatched even today. While numerous captivating stories surround the Ranchi-born wicket-keeper batsman, a new anecdote has emerged as former fast bowler S Sreesanth shared his experiences from an India vs Pakistan match in Kerala.

The match took place in Kochi, and the stadium was packed to capacity with fans chanting “India, India, Sachin, Sachin.” But amidst the overwhelming support for Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni understood that it was his moment to make an impact and solidify his place in the team. Prior to the match, India’s head coach, John Wright, called Sreesanth to bowl in the nets, and it was there that Dhoni approached the support players.

Sreesanth revealed, “When we were standing there, Dhoni bhai said, ‘I want to express myself. I am not getting the chance where I can express myself’.” This showcased Dhoni’s eagerness to prove his abilities and contribute to the team’s success. Sreesanth also expressed his aspirations to represent India in the future, jokingly telling Dhoni, “Even we will come in the team in 1-2 years.” To this, Dhoni good-naturedly replied, “Yes, sure. Why not. Just keep working hard.”

During a dinner party, Sreesanth offered words of encouragement to Dhoni, telling him not to worry and assuring him that he had a feeling Dhoni would soon excel. Sreesanth shared his habit of motivating players who were on the bench, and his words had a profound effect. In the next match Dhoni played, he scored a hundred, and in the Duleep Trophy finals, he scored another century.

From that point on, Dhoni’s journey escalated rapidly. He continued to score centuries in India ‘A’ matches, solidifying his place in the senior Indian team. Sreesanth marveled at the incredible journey, as he went from playing against Dhoni in the Duleep Trophy in 2003/04 to winning two World Cups alongside him. It is a journey that emphasizes the importance of belief rather than merely hoping for success.

Sreesanth concluded by recounting a conversation with Dhoni during the India vs Pakistan match. Dhoni told him, “I don’t know what we have to do. You don’t know what makes you come here, but you know what to do here.” This insightful statement showcased Dhoni’s ability to focus on the task at hand and perform at his best.

The article mentions MS Dhoni’s remarkable career and highlights his determination to succeed. It also sheds light on the supportive interactions between Dhoni and Sreesanth during their early days in Indian cricket.

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