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Before Chrissy Teigen stole John Legend’s heart, the Grammy-winning singer had a romantic history that included brief relationships with models and musicians. Legend’s journey to finding true love with Teigen involved a series of reported flings and connections. Although it might be challenging to envision the soulful crooner with anyone other than his beloved wife, Legend’s pre-Teigen dating life was, indeed, a diverse mix.

Jessica White (2005)

In 2005, Legend was rumored to be romantically involved with Jessica White, a Victoria’s Secret model. Their connection allegedly blossomed during the making of the music video for So High. Despite attending the MTV Video Music Awards together in August 2005, neither Legend nor White confirmed the relationship publicly.

Wafah Dufour (2006)

Following his time with White, Legend’s dating radar reportedly led him to Wafah Dufour in 2006. Dufour, a socialite and musician, happens to be the estranged niece of the infamous Osama bin Laden. Their public appearance at musician Jeff Christie’s birthday party in New York City added a layer of intrigue to their rumored relationship, but little else surfaced about their speculated romance, as neither Legend nor Dufour chose to comment on the matter.

Tayo Otiti (2006)

In June 2006, Legend was linked to Nigerian model Tayo Otiti after being photographed together at EMM Founders Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum’s birthday celebration in New York City. Despite the cozy appearance in pictures, the details of their connection remained shrouded in mystery, with neither Legend nor Otiti shedding light on the nature of their involvement.

Danielle Abreu (2006)

Soon after, Legend’s romantic endeavors reportedly continued with Brazilian model Danielle Abreu. The pair was seen together at the release party for Legend’s album, Once Again, in October 2006. Around the same time, sources hinted at the relationship becoming serious, with reports suggesting that Legend would fly Abreu out to be with him when he was away. However, Legend himself downplayed the seriousness of the relationship in an interview, acknowledging the challenges of sustaining relationships in the music business.

John Legend’s marriage and relationship with Chrissy Teigen

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Their commitment to each other was further celebrated with a lavish ceremony in Italy, where Teigen donned a Vera Wang gown, and Legend serenaded her with his hit song “All of Me” in 2013. The couple, now proud parents of four children—Luna Simone, Miles Theodore, Esti Maxine, and Wren Alexander—will soon mark their 10-year anniversary. Teigen has been teasing their anniversary celebration on social media, creating anticipation for what promises to be a special milestone for the enduring couple.

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