Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Actress Katrina Kaif is currently basking in the box office success of her latest project, Tiger 3. On the personal front, she is happily married to actor Vicky Kaushal, who is currently engrossed in the promotions of his upcoming film, Sam Bahadur. Despite their demanding work schedules leading to occasional separation, Katrina shared an intriguing detail in a recent conversation with Zoom Entertainment – Vicky perceives her as the one who adds drama and entertainment to his life every time they reunite after spending some days apart.

Vicky Kaushal calls Katrina Kaif entertaining

In a recent interview, Katrina Kaif disclosed that when she and husband Vicky Kaushal spend time apart, upon reuniting, he expresses missing the drama and entertainment she brings to his life. According to Katrina, Vicky acknowledges that her presence adds a lively and fulfilling element. She humorously adds, “I am told by my husband that I am entertaining. I think I have to accept that I must be entertaining on some level.”

The Phone Bhoot also addressed the praise Vicky receives as a green flag on social media. She expressed, ” Can I tell you something seriously, he is also very very wise. He is very mature beyond his years and I think a big part of that has to do with the upbringing he’s had from his parents. I think he’s had such a solid upbringing, and such wonderful parents and they have instilled that deep sense of values, and just the right approach to life.”

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