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Over the last 20 years, Katrina Kaif has established herself as one of the biggest stars of Hindi Cinema having delivered hits across genres. The actress was recently seen playing the part of Zoya for the third time in Tiger 3 and has won all the appreciation for her action-packed avatar. Every time Katrina plays the part of Zoya, the fans start conversations around a probable spin-off to the character from her film with Salman Khan.

Adi and I have discussed many ideas, says Katrina Kaif

In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Katrina Kaif addressed the demand for a standalone Zoya film. The actress said, “I can’t speak of it. Mum is the word. Secrets.” Over the last few years, Katrina has spoken about her wish to lead a female action franchise. In the pre-pandemic times, Ali was planning a super soldier film with Kat in lead. When asked on the same, Katrina replied, “Ali is a great friend and we discuss a lot of ideas. He is such a bright mind and is always thinking. The wheels in his mind are always turning. There are a few things we have always discussed and of course, Adi and I have also discussed many things. Everything has to align and it will happen.”

After Tiger 3 and Merry Christmas, one doesn’t know what’s up next for Katrina. The actress insisted that she is taking time to pick up the films and focusing totally on the Sriram Raghavan film at the moment. The actress wants to pick up the right projects and work on films in a happy work environment.

“It’s all about connecting to the script,” says the star

She explained, “I have always believed in being true to myself while making decisions, especially at this point in time, I am very conscious of doing the right things at the right time. The choices I made 8 years ago, might not be a choice I will make today. It’s all about connecting to the script and character. It’s about the stories I want to be a part of. So that’s what will drive me towards making my decision. It has always been this, but now, it’s even more. There are more barometers you run it by because you change as a person.”

Watch this full interview with Katrina Kaif here as she opened up about Tiger 3, a probable Zoya crossover with Pathaan and Kabir, the journey with Salman Khan over the last 2 decades and a lot more.  

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