Sat. May 18th, 2024

A bizarre incident occurred at Mathura Junction Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh, where a stationary train unexpectedly climbed onto the platform. This incident has prompted a thorough investigation into the matter. During this incident, a woman was also injured when the train rolled back onto the tracks and onto the platform late Tuesday night.

The entire incident was captured by a security camera on the train. The video revealed a Railways employee named Sachin entering the engine cabin after all the passengers had disembarked. Sachin, who was engaged in a video call, placed his bag on the throttle of the engine and continued using his phone. Due to the pressure of the bag, the throttle inadvertently moved forward, causing the train to move towards the platform. As a result, the train broke through the dead end and partially climbed onto the platform.

Following this incident, Divisional Railway Manager Tej Prakash Agrawal suspended five individuals, including Sachin, and initiated a high-level investigation to determine the exact cause of the incident. There are also suspicions that Sachin may have been under the influence of alcohol while entering the cabin to retrieve the keys. To confirm this, Sachin was subjected to a medical test and his blood sample was taken to determine the level of alcohol consumption.

This incident has caused significant concern and highlights the importance of proper protocols and vigilance in railway operations. It serves as a reminder that any negligence or oversight in following standard procedures can lead to severe consequences. The investigation aims to shed light on the factors that contributed to this unusual incident in order to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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