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Gen V, based on The Boys comics, is focused on the world of the ‘sad sh-t crazy’ supes, and a corrupt corporation. Garth Ennis the creator of the original comics wrote the story as a way to answer the question, “What would happen if the superheroes were real in the real world?” So it’s only fair that its on-screen adaptation’s spinoff also answers that question with every single episode. Gen V might not be completely based on the actual source material Garth wrote, but the showrunners decided to stick to the dark world of the universe. 

Even though all of the Prime Video show’s characters are unique in their own right if you look closely enough, more often than not the superpowers of many people are inspired by Marvel and DC. So without further due, here are the top Gen V supes whose powers are directly inspired by Stan Lee and Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s works.

Marie Moreau (Bloody Marie?) and Brother Blood

Marie’s powers at first glance are the most unique in the whole of The Boys universe, but weirdly enough it fits the theme of the series best. Gory, and brutal, Bloody Marie’s [she doesn’t have an official supe name yet] powers are something many people have looked down upon, one of the characters even going as far as to call them “unhygienic.” However, by the end of the season 1 finale, it was clear that she was one of the most powerful supes on the show. To match her bloody powers is DC’s Sebastian Brown aka Brother Blood, who can manipulate blood similar to the way Marie can, but he also possesses new aspects to his blood-bending that she doesn’t have, or is yet to discover. The DC villain can heal people, as well as control minds, as long as his subject’s blood has been shed, and let out energy blasts. 

Emma Meyer (Cricket) and Ant-Man

Ant-Man is one of the few Marvel characters that have a live-action version in MCU. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes, known for his ability to shrink and expand in size. Emma, at the start of the series, is shown to only have shrinking powers, even her admission form only mentions one aspect of her powers. Soon enough, the fans found out, that the 18-year-old could also become a giant if she ate enough, or at least that’s what the audience was led to believe. In the last episode, after her fight with Sam, Cricket shrinks in size gradually without having to purge, which could mean her powers might have a different trigger than just throwing up and consuming food. However, one difference between Scott Lang and Emma is the fact that he needs his suit to use his powers, while she can organically use them.

Luke Riordan (Golden Boy) and Human Torch

Luke or Godolkin University’s Golden Boy was considered to be fatally powerful because his power was literally to lit himself on fire without burning, as well as flying. This is a direct inspiration from the co-founder of The Four, Human Torch. In the Marvel comics, he is shown to have the power to light any of his body parts of choice on fire, absorb fire, fly, and control any nearby fire elements. While Luke was shown to have possessed most of these, he was never shown to have the ability to control nearby fire.

Andre Anderson ( New Polarity) and Magneto

Andre or maybe we can call him New Polarity, after his dad passed down the baton to him in the last episode of Gen V season 1, has the power to manipulate magnetic fields, similar to the X-Men villain, Magneto. The supervillain has been shown to not only control but generate magnetic fields, hence his name. However, one of the more exciting aspects of having these powers hasn’t been explored with the young supe. The mutant can propel himself to fly by controlling gravity around him, Andre either can’t do this or hasn’t realized it yet.

Cate Dunlap (Telepath) and Jean Grey

Cate Dunlap is by far the most obvious parody of a Marvel superhero yet in this series. The young newly-evil supe is a direct replica of Jean Grey, or Dark Phoenix from the X-Men universe. Both the characters have the ability of telepathy, which helps them mind-control, read thoughts, and sense emotions instantly. In fact, the scene in Episode 6, when Indira Shetty goes to meet Cate to get her to join Godolkin University, can be taken to be a remake of Dr. Xavier meeting Jane to get her to study at  Charles Xavier School for Gifted Students.

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