Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Veteran actor Nana Patekar who is currently gearing up for his next venture Journey, a day after a video of the actor slapping a fan who tried to take a selfie with him went viral, he has issued an apology. He mentioned that he mistook the fan for an actor from the film they were shooting.

Nana Patekar issues apology on viral video

Recently, Nana Patekar posted a video on social media to explain and clarify the surprising incident. In the video, he was seen apologizing and stating that the incident was a result of a misunderstanding during the rehearsal of a scene for his upcoming film Journey.

Nana described the series of events and mentioned that the incident took place in Varanasi. He said, “A video is going viral in which I have hit a boy. Though this sequence is a part of our film, we had one rehearsal… We were scheduled to have a second rehearsal. The director told me to begin. We were about to begin when the boy in the video came in. I didn’t know who he was, I thought he was one of our crew so I slapped him as per the scene and I told him to leave.”

The experienced actor then apologized for his actions with folded hands, and expressed his willingness to personally apologize to the individual he had hit. Mentioning the incident happened by mistake, Nana added, “I have never refused anyone for a picture. The ghat is always so crowded, and this scene was being shot in the market. Ye galti se hogaya, humko malum nahi woh kaha se aaya (This happened by mistake, I didn’t know where he came from).”

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