Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Welcome back to Foreign Policy’s SitRep! Jack and Robbie here. Harvard University’s Taylor Swift course is hiring more teaching assistants and you might be in luck if you’re a Swiftie living near Boston. Although Foreign Policy does not plan to hire a full-time Taylor Swift correspondent, we’d appreciate you spreading the word about Situation Report if you find it valuable. NATO is working to enhance Ukraine’s air defense, as Russian aggression continues. The alliance plans to help a European consortium purchase up to 1,000 Patriot interceptor missiles for Ukraine’s defense. The missile attack follows an influx of Russian bombs, rockets, and cruise missiles on Ukrainian cities. NATO’s move to procure the missiles aims to provide economic and strategic support to Ukraine as it continues to defend against Russian aggression. Additionally, the alliance is also pushing for 155 mm artillery shells production for Ukraine’s defense needs. As the U.S.-provided military aid begins to dry up, Ukraine is increasing its efforts in defense production. However, the U.S. is not planning to send more aid until new funding is approved by Congress. Russia’s long-range strikes are now primarily aimed at Ukraine’s defense industry. Meanwhile, Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress are rallying around former President Donald Trump as he faces 91 separate charges across four criminal trials. Adm. Dong Jun has been named China’s new defense minister after the sacking of Li Shangfu. The U.S. intelligence community remains “confident” that Hamas and other Palestinian militants used Gaza’s largest hospital to support the fight against Israel. Pakistan has announced that it will acquire Chinese fifth-generation fighter jets for its air force, marking a significant win for Beijing in South Asia. Thank you for reading SitRep and please share it with others if you find it valuable.

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