Tue. May 21st, 2024

France’s capital Paris is currently dealing with a bedbug infestation just months before the 2024 Summer Olympics. The problem initially started in hotels and rental apartments throughout the city during the summer. However, it has now spread to theatres, high-speed trains, and the Paris Metro. Photos and videos of bedbugs in the Metro train have gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), with passengers warning others to be cautious before sitting down or placing their bags.

According to a report by France24, the country’s transport minister Clement Beaune has promised to address the issue by convening a meeting with public transport operators. Bedbugs had disappeared from daily life in France in the 1950s; however, their resurgence can be attributed to the high population density and increased use of mass transportation.

The Paris city hall has appealed to President Emmanuel Macron to take action against the infestation, including the establishment of a dedicated task force. However, despite these concerns, Paris’ deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire has reassured the public that there is no threat to the Olympic Games and encouraged everyone to collaborate in resolving the problem. He stated, “Bedbugs existed before, and they will exist afterward.”

Transport operators have pledged to remain extremely vigilant, and The Local France reported that there have been no recent sightings since one was captured on camera by a passenger last week. Companies specializing in pest control have been overwhelmed in recent weeks, as clearing the infestation requires several hundred dollars per visit and often necessitates repeat operations.

Bedbugs are named as such because they have a tendency to nest in mattresses and emerge at night to feed on human blood.

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