Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Downplaying his alleged controversial remarks, Zaka Ashraf, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Management Committee Chairman, referred to India as a “traditional rival” after the Pakistan cricket team arrived in Hyderabad. In a viral video, Zaka was heard mentioning players going to an “enemy country” for tournaments while addressing the media about new player contracts. It was believed that his remark was aimed at India.

However, Zaka later stated that the warm reception received by the Pakistan team in India for the World Cup demonstrated the mutual admiration and support between the people of both countries. He congratulated the Indians for organizing such a warm welcome at the Hyderabad airport.

Zaka emphasized that whenever India and Pakistan face each other on the cricket field, they are seen as traditional rivals, not enemies. He expressed his hope that the Indian fans would witness the best cricket from the Pakistani players during the World Cup.

Furthermore, Zaka expressed his desire for the resumption of bilateral cricketing relations between the two countries. He hopes that millions of cricket fans from both nations will have the opportunity to watch these players perform live. He concluded by expressing his optimism about the Indian cricket team visiting Pakistan soon, allowing Pakistan to reciprocate the warmth and love shown by India to the Pakistan cricket team.

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