Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The article discusses a gang siege in Haiti, North Korea testing an underwater nuclear-capable drone, and Ukraine targeting Russia’s oil infrastructure. The surge in gang violence in Port-au-Prince forced the city under lockdown, with gangs controlling an estimated 80 percent of the capital. Calls for international assistance have been made, but the interim Haitian Prime Minister’s rule is set to expire soon, and there is uncertainty about who will take power.

North Korea announced the testing of an underwater nuclear weapons system, while Ukraine attacked an oil depot in western Russia with a drone strike. Mexico and Chile have asked the International Criminal Court to investigate possible Israeli war crimes against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

In other news, farmers protested in Berlin, and truckers continued the protest, and French Olympic athletes showcased new uniforms designed by Stéphane Ashpool for the Paris Summer Games. The answer to the quiz question is D. Truckers.

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