Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Palestinians are depicted in Western media coverage as using their hands to dig through the rubble after an Israeli airstrike, U.N. officials describing worsening hunger, and bloodied children being carried though hospital halls. However, according to media critics and others close to the situation, Israeli television typically emphasizes the war in Gaza while downplaying the suffering and deaths of Palestinian civilians. Shuki Tausig, the editor in chief of Seventh Eye, Israel’s main media watchdog, said that mainstream media ignore the presence of people in the Gaza Strip. They estimate that Gaza residents are seen on screen for “almost zero” time. Channel 12, Israel’s most popular station, was found to have minimal coverage of the plight of Palestinians. While some limited portrayal of suffering and deaths takes place, the focus is primarily on the experiences of Israeli soldiers and victims of Hamas. Zvi Yehezkeli, a senior correspondent for Arab affairs, has caused controversy by expressing regret that Israel did not kill more Palestinians. The death toll in Gaza continues to rise, leading to criticisms around the world of Israel for not doing enough to protect civilians. Additionally, the killing of journalists during the conflict has sparked international concern.

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