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Salman Khan has been part of the Hindi film industry for decades. In his illustrious career, he has delivered some record-breaking hits. However, he doesn’t mind sharing screen time with other acclaimed actors and making cameo appearances in movies. In an exclusive group chat with Pinkvilla, Bollywood’s favorite Bhai reveals how he has that sense of security.

Salman Khan reveals what makes him a secure actor

During an exclusive group chat with Pinkvilla, Salman Khan said he wouldn’t mind appearing in a cameo role if there’s a spin-off of Katrina Kaif’s character Zoya. Talking about how he stays so secure with his stardom, the Tiger 3 star said, “I have seen it at home. I don’t think that anyone can take anything away from you that you deserve. What you deserve is what you get, and I don’t think that you can snatch away anything from anyone that that person deserves. So, you give it your best, and while giving your best, you shine as well, but you don’t need to out shadow somebody or cut somebody’s role or show somebody down,” Khan said, adding that if anyone does these things, the audiences and the fans see that “So, I don’t see the reason, the motive to doing anything like that.”

Further on, the Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan actor divulged that he had seen it in his house. Talking about his father, Salim Khan’s career trajectory, Salman divulged, “Before I even became an actor, I’ve seen failure-success with my father, and even when he was successful as a writer, I didn’t see him going ballistic and nuts, and when he went down as well, I saw the same man. I didn’t see any change in my father’s personality, and that’s where all us brothers and sisters got it. When a film does a business like Tiger, perhaps at that point in time we may not celebrate it, but if a film doesn’t do well, we will not cry about it either because we’ve given it our best.”


The Prem Ratan Dhan Payo actor continued explaining that a film’s success is determined by the way the fans react to it. “I believe that even if a film is an average film, it does a business of an x amount that breaks all records, it’s a damn good film because your audiences have liked it and the most brilliant film, if it doesn’t do well I think it’s a shi**y film because your audience has not liked it,” he said adding that he makes films for the fans, audience, for theaters, distributors, exhibitors so they enjoy themselves and do the business that they do.

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