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Salman Khan is currently basking in the success of his recently released film, Tiger 3. The film starred Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in the pivotal roles. Maneesh Sharma’s directorial was the third installment in the super-hit Tiger franchise and the fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe. As was expected, the Tiger 3 which was released earlier this month on November 12 created a stir at the box office. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, the actor talked about his years of struggle before the debut film and admitted not following his contemporaries’ box office collection.

Salman Khan on hard-work before his debut film

In the interview, Salman Khan was asked about a particular character where he really had to work hard to break his macho persona on-screen. To this, the actor shed light on the years of hard work he has put in to be where he is and also talked about his way of life.

The Tiger 3 actor stated, “I don’t know. All the hard work that usually people right now say that picture mil jayegi toh uske upar kaam karenge (once we get the film, we’ll work on it), all these things I’ve done much before I came into the industry with 4–5 years of struggle that I did before Maine Pyar Kiya and Biwi Ho To Aisi. All these things and all this hard work was put in there.”

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Salman Khan sheds light on his way of life

Salman also asserted that whenever he signs a movie, he has to like it in the first narration. He also shed light on his way of life as he said, “So that is what I usually concentrate on, and I don’t think you guys see me going out, you don’t catch me anywhere, no parties. I shoot, I go back home. All the discussions that I’ve, it is either on Being Human, family stuff, or friends and movies ke kal kya scene hoga parson kya karein…isko kya karein (discussions about the movie shots) that hard work is done at home with the director and on the script.”

The actor taking a jibe on questioning his work style stated, “That’s why on the sets it’s ye aata hai dekhta hai idhar udhar coffee peeta hai shot de ke chala jata hai (He comes, looks around, drinks coffee and gives his shot and leaves) but all that work has been done before I land up on the sets.”

In conclusion, the actor stated, “I don’t believe in going out and gossiping, bitching about people, tracking-following iska kya ho raha hai uska kya ho raha hai uske kya numbers hain uske kya numbers hain (following and tracking about other contemporaries’ box-office numbers).

“I don’t believe in all these things. I just concentrate on what we’re doing, ours. So even the people who come home are those people who are working with me, have worked with me, or are working with me currently or some people who are going to work with me ahead, and of course I have a set of 4-5 friends who’ve been there since time unknown and that’s my life,” the actor said.

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