Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Snoop Dogg is making a life-altering decision. The rapper, who’s known for his love for cannabis, is giving all that up, according to a new post on his Instagram. The iconic rapper and actor has never shied away from being open about his love for cannabis; in fact, many of his fans know this to be his core trait. However, things might be changing rather soon if his own recent claims are anything to go by.

Snoop Dogg gives up smoking

The 52-year-old took to his Instagram to post a rather somber photo with a shocking message written on it. Snoop is seen with his hand folded in the black-and-white picture as he looks into the abyss. It reads, “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Many fans might be surprised by this out-of-the-blue announcement, but it might not be all that shocking considering what he said in an interview in March. Snoop told the Daily Mail, “Being a grandfather has changed me in multiple ways. The main way is being concerned with how I live, how I move, the kind of people I’m associated with,” He continued, “Because I want to see my grandkids grow old.”

His newfound will to quit smoking might just be another step in his journey to regulate what he does, keeping his grandchildren in mind. Reportedly, he had told the interviewer that he wanted to be very careful about what he was taking.

Fans left in disbelief after Snoop Dogg quits smoking

Snoop Dogg’s quitting smoking has made many fans question if these really are the end of times. A user commented, “We are officially in a new world.” While another declared, “Okay I never believed in the “end of times” but I now do.” Some were even worried about his health, asking him if he was okay, commenting, “Are you okay Snoop?”

But as expected of the Bad Decisions rapper’s fans, things soon took a hilarious turn in the comment section. One user joked, “We’ll cherish those memories,” while another gave their “condolences.” Many also lauded him for his difficult step, knowing the troubles of quitting a habit.  

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