Sat. May 18th, 2024

An Airbnb guest is causing trouble for a Los Angeles landlord by refusing to leave his luxury mansion unless he pays her a $100,000 relocation fee. The guest, Elizabeth Hirschhorn, rented the mansion from the internationally celebrated periodontist Aleksandar Jovanovic in September 2021 for six months. However, her stay ended in April 2022, and she has been living in the mansion rent-free ever since. Jovanovic is concerned for his family’s safety and wants her to leave. Despite his efforts, a judge has ruled that Hirschhorn can stay in the mansion for as long as she wants.

One of the reasons Jovanovic is struggling to remove Hirschhorn from the property is because he rented out his guest house, which was not supposed to be rented. The house lacks a certificate of occupancy and proper registration, and an illegally installed shower further complicates the situation. Hirschhorn’s attorney argues that the $100,000 relocation fee is Jovanovic’s best option to resolve the situation.

In response, Jovanovic’s lawyer describes Hirschhorn as the “tenant from hell” and suggests that if she is allowed to stay rent-free in an illegally permitted property, it sets a dangerous precedent. The relationship between Jovanovic and Hirschhorn started off pleasant, but tension arose when Hirschhorn claimed the electronic blinds stopped working and caused water damage and mold around the sink. Jovanovic offered alternative accommodations, but Hirschhorn declined due to an alleged disability caused by cat dander.

The tension continued until the end of Hirschhorn’s stay in March 2022. Jovanovic allowed her to stay until April 12 to give her time to find another place. However, when it became clear that she had no intentions of leaving, Jovanovic sought help from the city’s Department of Building Safety. Hirschhorn retaliated by filing a complaint alleging illegal eviction, harassment, and refusal to pay relocation fees.

The housing investigator determined that Jovanovic’s property violated city codes and advised him to withdraw the eviction notice until he could prove compliance. As of now, the situation remains unresolved, and Jovanovic is left grappling with an unwanted guest who refuses to leave his mansion without a hefty payment.

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