Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Rahul Dravid, the coach of the Indian cricket team, has expressed his desire to step back and let captain Rohit Sharma and his team take charge on the field. Dravid highlighted that once the game begins, it’s the captain and the players who need to execute the plans and carry the team forward. Speaking to the media, Dravid emphasized that his role as a coach is to prepare the players and build the team before the match, enabling them to play freely and enjoy the game.

Understanding the limitations of a coach’s influence during a match, Dravid stated that coaches cannot score runs or take wickets. Their primary responsibility is to provide support and guidance to the players. Dravid acknowledged the importance of controlling the aspects that are within their control, a notion famously championed by former Indian captain MS Dhoni.

Dravid highlighted that the majority of a coach’s work happens in the lead-up to matches, during practice sessions and in creating a positive environment for the players. He emphasized the need to support the captain and the team in any way possible.

When asked about predicting a safe total for the tournament, Dravid humorously responded that scoring just one run more than the opposition would ensure safety. He also mentioned that with the diversity of venues and pitches in this World Cup, it is challenging to determine a safe total. Each venue offers unique conditions, making it necessary for teams to assess and adapt accordingly.

Dravid also commented on the variety of venues and pitches in the tournament, with different types of soil and grounds. He pointed out that Chennai’s ground, for example, is relatively larger compared to Bangalore or Delhi. Each venue will pose different challenges for the teams, requiring them to adapt accordingly.

In reference to Rachin Ravindra’s impressive hundred against England, Dravid acknowledged the stellar performance but mentioned that he only caught bits and pieces of the match. He praised both Ravindra and Devon Conway for their excellent batting and noted the improvement in the pitch as the match progressed.

Reflecting on his own playing days, particularly the 2007 World Cup, Dravid humbly stated that he has moved on from his past as a player. He now focuses on supporting the team and helping them perform their best. Dravid emphasized that the role of the coach is to assist the captain in executing their vision and ensuring the team’s success.

In conclusion, Rahul Dravid’s approach as a coach revolves around preparing and supporting the players, allowing them to take charge on the field. He understands the limitations of a coach’s role during matches but emphasizes the importance of creating a positive environment and providing the necessary guidance to the team.

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