Tue. May 21st, 2024

Israel is aggressively attacking Gaza in an attempt to eradicate Hamas following a surprise terror attack. Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Israel, overwhelming the Iron Dome defense system.

The Iron Dome is an advanced air defense system used by Israel to counter rocket attacks, mortar shells, and UAVs. It utilizes a network of radars to detect threats and gather real-time information about incoming projectiles.

Once a threat is detected, the Iron Dome tracks and predicts the trajectory of the missile. If it is heading towards a populated area, an interceptor missile called Tamir is fired. The Tamir missile is designed to destroy the incoming threat and can adjust its course in real-time for an accurate intercept.

Each interceptor costs Israel around $100,000, and every Tamir missile costs $50,000. During the recent attack, Hamas fired 5,000 missiles in just 20 minutes. Even if the Iron Dome successfully intercepted all the missiles, it would have cost Israel over $250,000.

A video shared by Israeli journalist Hananya Naftali showed the Iron Dome in action as Hamas launched a barrage of missiles at Israel. With the situation intensifying, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas in retaliation for the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

The attack resulted in over 1,200 deaths, mostly civilians who were either gunned down in their homes or on the streets. Gaza authorities report over 5,000 injuries due to the bombing. Israel has responded by imposing a total siege on the enclave and conducting the most powerful bombing campaign in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leading to the destruction of entire neighborhoods.

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