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In the heart of country music’s capital, Nashville, Garth Brooks, the iconic country star, has recently added a vibrant touch to the city’s famed Broadway strip with the unveiling of his bar and honky-tonk. Aptly named Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk, this establishment carries the essence of Brooks’ hit song, promising a unique experience for visitors.

Garth Brooks on the need for Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk

Garth Brooks envisions his bar as more than just another addition to Nashville’s thriving entertainment scene. The choice of the name, inspired by his iconic 1990s hit, reflects not only Brooks’ connection to his own musical legacy but also a desire to offer a space that celebrates the spirit of camaraderie epitomized in the song. In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the iconic singer pointed out the importance and the need of his bar in the town, stating, “Don’t want to be egotistical, Friends in Low Places for me is a chapter in country music. It needs to be here.”

Brooks continued and explained the difference between the bar and Honky-Tonk, explaining that the latter has a space to dance upon. “A bar is a place usually where just locals come like you saw cheers. Honky-Tonk probably got a dance floor, a little bit bigger right, it’s like a dance hall,” he shared.

Garth Brooks on the significance of Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk

Brooks shared as to why he decided to open his bar after enjoying an illustrious career in the music industry. He exclaimed that his wish to pay back the town for all their love and support to his music drove him to open a bar where people can enjoy their time in the backdrop of country music.

He shared, “If you’re lucky enough to get to sell some records in this town then you owe this town. How can I pay back? Well if you come down here on Lower Broadway and there’s not a Friends in Low Places, are you kidding me?” The singer further affirmed that his bar will serve everybody, adding, “Yes, Ma’am we’re going to serve everybody.”

As Garth Brooks brings his vision to life on Broadway, Nashville, Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk stands poised to be more than a venue; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of country music and the sense of community it fosters.

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