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When the spotlight of the Academy Awards illuminated Casey Affleck as the recipient of the best-actor Oscar back in 2017, a subtle yet powerful statement unfolded on the stage. Brie Larson, tasked with presenting Affleck with the coveted award, chose a notably restrained response that stirred discussions far beyond the glamorous facade of Hollywood. The internet buzzed with speculation about Larson’s deliberate lack of applause, and the actress had provided clarity on her intentional act.

Brie Larson’s silent protest against Casey Affleck

As the audience erupted into applause and granted Casey Affleck a standing ovation, Brie Larson’s reaction was conspicuous for its quietness. Standing with arms by her side, Larson’s unspoken protest echoed loudly across social media platforms. This moment became a focal point of curiosity, with viewers wondering about the motivations behind her restrained response. The speculation found its ground in Affleck’s history – facing sexual harassment allegations during the production of I’m Still Here, settled in 2010.

Larson, a vocal advocate for survivors of sexual assault, affirmed to Vanity Fair that her decision not to applaud was indeed intentional. In a brief yet powerful statement, she expressed that her actions onstage spoke volumes, stating, “I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself. I’ve said all that I need to say about that topic.”

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Brie Larson stood up for rape victims

Brie Larson’s stance during the Oscars is not an isolated incident but rather a continuation of her commitment to shedding light on issues of sexual misconduct. Her Oscar win in 2016 for Room, where she portrayed a survivor of sexual abuse, marked a pivotal moment. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the awards ceremony, Larson took the opportunity to greet and hug sexual assault survivors who joined Lady Gaga onstage, emphasizing solidarity and support.

Larson’s advocacy extends beyond red-carpet gestures; she leverages her celebrity platform to amplify the voices of survivors and spark conversations about the prevalent issue. Her dedication, encapsulated in moments like the intentional silence at the Oscars, exemplifies a commitment to creating a more progressive society.

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