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Sushmita Sen is one of the most loved actresses in the Bollywood industry. She turned 48 today. In a new interview, the actress opened up about her relationship with her father Shuveer Sen as she said that there were ups and downs in the relationship. She recalled her father’s reaction to participating Miss India pageant.

Sushmita Sen on father’s reaction to her Miss India pageant participation

During a recent interview with Mid-Day, Sushmita Sen said that she never imagined becoming an actress and only stumbled upon the Miss India pageant. Her father, an Indian Army officer, wanted her to become an IAS officer. She said that in her family, there’s no one from the film industry. As her father wanted her to be an IAS officer, she started preparing accordingly.

The actress added, “When the bomb was dropped on my father that she wants to enter Miss India, my father didn’t speak to me for a bit. I remember having this very emotional moment with my father when I promised him, ‘Baba I have to wear a swimsuit. I cannot not wear it. It’s part of the show.” While telling this to her father, Sen added that she promised her father to add “respect to it” and “not be crass.” 

Sushmita Sen on how father recated to her dropping out school 

Sushmita said that she never did go to a college and graduate, which was a big problem with her father. The actress added, “Because he always said, ‘Beta, do whatever, but have a degree.’ Wo mere mei bhi problem hai (I also have the same problem). I made Renee (daughter) also get her degree. That was my condition.”

She further added that her father had gone to receive her honourary doctoratewhich she got recently and said, “I was sick as a dog that day. How apt that he received the doctorate from Mr. Narayana Murthy.” 

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