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In the recently released action movie Tiger 3, Emraan Hashmi plays a negative character opposite Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. During an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, the actor shared why his character was kept under wraps. He also revealed if he hit the gym with Salman during the shoot.

Emraan Hashmi talks about keeping his character secret

During the chat, Emraan Hashmi revealed that he had to lie a lot to cover the fact that he was part of Tiger 3. He told the interviewer, “It was a lot of lies that I had to roll out because it was pre-decided that I won’t reveal that I was a part of the film. And if you see that even the promo, the way the trailer was cut in which I was there, is the prologue of the voice and ultimately the reveal of the character in the end,” he said adding that it was pre-decided that him being part of it would be a surprise.

However, the actor said that everyone knew in the industry that he was doing the movie. But him putting up an official quote about it would have ruined the surprise.

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Emraan Hashmi reveals if he hit the gym with Salman Khan

In the same candid chat, Emraan was asked if he ever got the chance to hit the gym with Salman Khan. To this the actor replied, “I wanted to but unfortunately I didn’t,” he laughed. Emraan further added, “Our schedules didn’t match, I was shooting separately. I did shoot a couple of days with Salman but it was extremely hectic because there was the action, there were bits that were extremely hectic,” he divulged adding that there were fun times at the set and some good conversations with Salman.

Further on, Emraan opened up that he worked out at the gym really hard to get close to the physique of Salman. “I had to work out because Salman generally is kind of muscular. I started off as being extremely thin when I stepped into films and it was me who told Adi (Aditya Chopra) and Maneesh (Sharma) ‘Let me put on some size’. They were very clear that in this there’s no taking off the shirt for the sake of it and showing abs because it’s not that kind of film. So, I said ‘That’s a given’ but it’s just that the frame of the guy, let me just get close to him if not match him because he’s been working out for really long. I have been working out too but not as serious as he is. So, I had to put in hard work in probably 7-8 months and beef up as much as I could,” Emraan concluded.

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