Sat. May 18th, 2024

A recent robbery in Delhi’s Jangpura area, considered the biggest jewellery heist in the city’s history, utilized basic tools and hardware. The thief, identified as Lokesh Srivas from Chhattisgarh, managed to steal ornaments worth Rs 25 crore using a hammer bought for Rs 100 and a disc cutter worth Rs 1,300. In addition, he obtained screwdrivers and pliers from his home.

Lokesh meticulously planned the entire heist, conducting two reconnaissance missions in Delhi prior to the robbery. On the night of the robbery, he broke into Umrao Jewellers located in the Bhogal area. He stayed overnight, disconnecting CCTV cameras and breaching the strongroom.

To gain access to the ornaments inside the strongroom, Lokesh used a drill to bore a hole into the wall. He also stole jewellery on display in the showroom. The thief entered the building from the terrace and made his way to the ground floor, where the strongroom was located.

Lokesh’s arrest came as a result of another burglar in Chhattisgarh confiding to the police about a man who had returned to Bilaspur after committing a major robbery in Delhi. Lokesh had stayed at a guest house in Chandni Chowk and was tracked through his phone. CCTV footage captured him purchasing a ticket at a bus terminus.

The Delhi Police team apprehended Lokesh from his rented apartment in Bilaspur. He is currently under the custody of the Bilaspur Police.

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