Tue. May 21st, 2024

At least six people were killed in a nightclub fire in Murcia, southeastern Spain, with four others injured in the blaze. The emergency services reported that six fatal victims have been recorded so far. Rescuers were alerted about the fire at 6:00 am local time, and they managed to enter the building at 8:00 am GMT. Four bodies were discovered initially, and two more were found later. Four individuals, including two women aged 22 and 25, and two men in their forties, suffered from smoke inhalation and were injured. The fire occurred in the “Teatre” nightclub, also known as “Fonda Milagros.” Fire trucks were seen spraying water hoses on the club’s blackened facade, while thick smoke billowed from the roof. The Murcia town hall expressed deep regret over the accident and offered condolences to those affected.

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