Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

India is planning to acquire more self-propelled long range artillery following a study that highlighted their effectiveness in shaping the conflict in Ukraine. According to officials familiar with the matter, India aims to obtain an additional 400 of these guns, which would constitute about one-sixth of the country’s entire artillery inventory. The ongoing war in Ukraine has prompted several nations, including India, to reassess their military capabilities and priorities. Indian officials referred to a military study that demonstrated the value of mobile long range artillery in influencing the outcomes of battles. They noted that enemy counterattacks are more likely to target guns in fixed positions. Currently, the majority of India’s 100 self-propelled guns are deployed along the 3,488-kilometer (2,167-mile) disputed border with China. These guns are not mobile and are mostly of Russian origin, but India has recently begun upgrading its artillery units by including US-made light field guns that can be transported by helicopters. The military study also emphasized the need for India to reduce the time it takes to locate and engage a target from five to 10 minutes to just a minute. To achieve this, units supporting gun batteries in target acquisition are being restructured and rearmed. India’s Chief General of Army, Manoj Pande, announced that these units will be equipped with remotely piloted aircraft, loiter ammunition, and swarm drones. Furthermore, the country plans to augment its reach and firepower along the northern border by adding more long range rockets and missiles, although the exact number of reinforcements was not disclosed by General Pande.

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