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From the success of Desperate Housewives, the world got to know about Felicity Huffman, who began to act on Broadway, making her debut in the David Mamet play Speed the Plow in 1988.

After playing the role of Lynette Scavo, she garnered critical acclaim for her performance, winning an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Emmy in 2005, as well as an Oscar nod and Golden Globe win the following year for her portrayal of a transgender woman in Transamerica.

What is Felicity Huffman’s net worth?

Back in 2019, the Desperate Housewives actress faced legal consequences when she was implicated in an infamous college admissions scandal and got in trouble for a long time. However, that did not affect much of her net worth as celebrity net worth reports that Felicity Huffman has a net worth of $45 million. The outlet claims it is a combined net worth with her husband, fellow actor William. H. Macy.

Apart from Desperate Housewives, Felicity was noticed for her acting roles in several television series like Raven, X-Files, and Sports Night. During her time with the famous sitcom, she appeared in 180 episodes and reportedly earned $275,000 per episode. It can be speculated that with massive growth in her professional acting career after appearing in movies and television shows, her net worth might increase in the future.

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Felicity Huffman’s career after Desperate Housewives

Following her stint with the famous TV show, Felicity debuted in the movie Things Change, where she played the Wheel of Fortune Girl role in 1988 and gained recognition from this movie. She also got fame for working on Sports Night in 1998 and continued working on this show until 2000.

Furthermore, for her role in Transamerica, where she played the role of a transgender woman in 2005, the actress won the Golden Globe, Independent Spirit, National Board of Review, and an Academy Award nomination.

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