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After American singer-songwriter and model Cassie Ventura’s lawsuit against rapper Diddy made its way to the media, multiple women have come out supporting her. This includes model and business professional Kimora Lee Simons as well as singer Aubrey O’Day. Taking to the Instagram comments, Aubrey shared that she completely supports Cassie.

Singer Aubrey O’Day comes out in support of Cassie Ventura

Aubrey O’Day wrote in her story on Instagram, “Been trynna tell y’all for years. Prayers up for this queen.” She then spoke with Page Six regarding her support for Cassie and her beef with Diddy.

Earlier in December 2022, the singer had spoken at the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she opened up about being fired from Diddy’s label Bad Boy Records when she denied doing something she wasn’t comfortable with.

She mentioned that her getting fired was not based on a lack of talent but on other areas. While she did not publicly share sensitive information about Diddy, she mentioned that working with the rap mogul was like torture. She shared, “He was the hardest person that you can work for, and it was torture. And not the work part of it, but the other stuff — mind games. There was a lot of betrayal and lies.”

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Why did Aubrey O’Day exit Diddy’s label Bad Boy Records?

Another video of Aubrey has resurfaced from social media, where she shared an NDA that she had received from Diddy and his label. She shared, “I hit everyone in my group and said, absolutely do not take this deal.”

She commented on the same in the podcast, “I got it a few months ago when he started doing this. So what’s happening is, artists — some of them, not all of them — are being given streaming royalties and ownership back over our publishing on songs that we wrote at a time when you know that you have to stream a song a million times to make a cent. It’s hundreds of dollars.”

The singer concluded by revealing, “And me, as somebody that’s a girl’s girl, I hit everyone in my group and said, ‘absolutely do not take this deal. I can get us a show on Hulu right now.'”

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